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Wedding Photography: After a distinguished career in ophthalmic photography winning many prestigious awards, Chris has now moved to wedding photography and has already been recognised by AIIP awards in his new professional path. If you are looking for a different approach to your wedding day images, contact me on 0415 289 199 and have a chat. Weddings can be tailored to your needs and your pocket, find out more about our services, but most of all, enjoy your special day!

Landscape Photography: Whilst working with aboriginal groups to help fight the eye problems associated with diabetes, I re-discovered what an amazing State we live in. With a background in Ophthalmic Photography, this new "eye opening" experience helped me rediscover my love for photography and the wonderful Western Australian magic that can only be experienced, not described, but hopefully photographed? Our unique environment and vast open spaces are there for us all, these images are a small window to our wonderful heritage just waiting for us to go out there and enjoy!

But why stop at our wonderful State? There are some exciting places in the world. Please share with me the wonders of sight and photography.